The cuts and wounds.The circulatory system has four

The Circulatory SystemThe circulatory system can be greatly affected by the type and amount of training a person does and therefore has to be considered very closely compared to other body systems.The main functions of the circulatory system are:· Transport- carrying blood, water, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and transport the removal of waste.· Body temperature control-the blood absorbs the body heat then carries it to the lungs and to the skin, where it is then released.· Protection- it helps to fight disease, e.g. antibodies, which fight infection, are carried in the blood and the clotting of seals cuts and wounds.The circulatory system has four main parts:· The heart· The blood vessels· The blood· The pulmonary and systemic circuits.The heart =========1. The blood enters the right-hand atrium. The blood is deoxygenated.2. The right atrium pumps this blood into the right ventricle.3. The right ventricle pumps the blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs where oxygen is picked up.4. The blood then returns to the left atrium through the pulmonary vein.5. The left atrium pumps the blood into the left ventricle. The blood leaves here through the aorta to be distributed to the rest of the body.From here the blood looses its oxygen because it is used for other bodily functions. The cycle then takes place all over again.Blood vessels =============Arteries- These carry blood at high pressure away from the heart; these are the thickest blood vessels. The artery has an inner lining called the endothelium, then a layer of involuntary muscle and elastic fibres so the artery can expand and contract. There is an outer layer of tough fibrous tissue. The aorta is the largest artery in the body this divides into arterioles then into capillaries.Capillaries- These are so small they are only one cell thick, because of this they are semi-permeable and allow things to pass through the wall. Capillaries are found in clusters and feed the muscles and organs. At the end of the capillaries the blood flows into veins. ———————————————————————Veins- The structures of veins are the same as arteries but…


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