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Wireless Networking is an enticing career field. Networking necessitates mostly hard work and competition for the high-quality positions. Due to my greater interest in computer field, I had graduated in Computer Applications. Since, I have chosen Wireless Networking as my field of study. I am amenable to put my efforts on being good at it. A number of paid placements exist in networking, each with swinging salaries and long-term career

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                                                                                                   Education is a process of learning and acquiring information, data, facts, skills or abilities. Education can categorize into two main types which are formal learning and informal learning. Formal learning is information or knowledge delivered by teachers through an institution such as school and tuition center while informal learning is all information or knowledge learn from activities related to daily life experiences such as electronic educational technology (also called

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Introduction Any fungi which is source of harm in any human being or living creature that fungi is called pathogenic fungi. There are many fungi that can provoke disease in person or in human and its study is known as medical mycology. And the investigation about pathogens of plant is generally known as plant pathogen. 1 Characteristics 1.      Having a true nucleus 2.      They cannot move from one place to

Business of Karachi with all business functions interlined

Business name is devoted to achieve the combination of technology, managerial skills, innovation and social and environmental responsibilities to provide the added value which ensure the customer satisfaction and explore new market to promote and expand sales of company through good governance and foster sound dynamic team. Vision statement To attain market leadership through unmatched quality, responsibility, respected processor for entire range of fabrics, the highest ethical and professional standards

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Starting from 1960s’ United States and the Soviet Union began to launch probe missions to Venus. The major Soviet series was named Venera and the American missions were named Mariner. There are many Venus missions, including seven had analyzed rock conformations. At large, penetrating pressure and hurricane-force winds destroy all probes within 60 minutes, except in 1982, a Venera probe lands on surface and operated normally for 127 minutes and

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The greatest problem facing our society is water pollution. Water is the most necessary resource for life. Not only is it vital to stay alive, but today’s society depends on water for almost everything. Water is used for domestic needs, such as plumbing, bathing, dishwashing and laundry. It is also becoming a luxury, since water provides the fun that people have on weekends through their alcoholic beverages. In addition, swimming

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The effects of Mayonnaise(C10H16N2O8)on the growth of Capsicum annuum Mayonnaise,a spread or a condiment that is commonly used by every people in the continents.With a mixture of oil , Egg yolks, vinegar of lemon juice, you can now create your own Mayonnaise. However, you will take 700 kilocalories in each 100 grams that you will take. Having this characteristics makes Mayonnaise a food with a lot of calories. Not only

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Aluminum (Al) is the third most common element in the earth’s crust, but was not discovered as an atomic element until the discovery of bauxite in 1821 in Les Baux, 1. than to exist in nature  in  its  pure  form  it  is  found  as  aluminum  oxide  Al2O3 in  different  minerals  with  the reddish stone Bauxite as the most common. It was first produced in its pure form in the late

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The Athenians and the Spartans were advanced poleis of ancient Greece. Athens and Sparta coexisted during the same period although Sparta lasted longer. Today Athens and Sparta have made great contributions to our society. Athens and Sparta although similar had their differences politically, socially and culturallyPolitically Athens and Sparta did not have much in common. Athens was a direct Democracy because citizens could attend the meetings at the Agora and

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Basically, a group is made of different kind of individuals. These individuals have different personality, behavior, conflict style, problem solving style. For groups to develop and function effectively first 4 stages takes place that are Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, problem solving, group feedback, management and knowledge of roles. These are the qualities that makes a prefect group during this process there might be some conflicts but after all conflicts


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