Education preschool. Alphabet Adventure is an application that

                                                                                                   Education is a process of learning and acquiring information, data,
facts, skills or abilities. Education can categorize into two main types which
are formal learning and informal learning. Formal learning is information or
knowledge delivered by teachers through an institution such as school and
tuition center while informal learning is all information or knowledge learn
from activities related to daily life experiences such as electronic
educational technology (also called e-learning). Informal learning is very
important because it helps to increase children’s knowledge and make them more understanding
the outside world. So, it related with child’s development. 

purpose of creating Alphabet Adventure is to expose children to learn and
develop their knowledge of alphabet into their daily life so that they have a
well preparation before enter preschool. Alphabet Adventure is an application that
run in the smart phone combining the use of augmented reality(AR) which is by
using camera and audio system from the smart phone itself. In the few past decades, children can only learn alphabet from their
teachers or parents. However, for a slow learner this is quite inadequate to
make them fully understand. Some of the children, there could be a time when they
are afraid to ask questions from their parents or teachers. So, by using our
Application, it could bring a huge different where not only they could earn the
answer by they own but also be fully understood within their own pace.   

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Today, with the current
technology, analog data can transform into digital data with using computer
software. With the advance of the mobile phone era and the benefit for using education
technology for children learning, people have been using various number of
method in creating an education apps. Nowadays, there are many education apps
for both Android phones and iPhone. “educational” apps—the number of which, as
of January 2015, stood at 80,000 in Apple’s App Store 1

Alphabet Adventure is an
application which required user to think and find objects by using their phone
camera. The user need to search for 3 objects with the letter randomly given.
The benefit of the Alphabet Adventure is that it will allow the user to be
flexible, it doesn’t force the user to complete the given task at the given
time however user can run through the application when they feel volunteered
and complete the task at any time without giving any pressure to the user.
Next, it is also convenient because our application is running through a medium
which is the smart phone where it is already comprise of the needed feature for
the application to run. Moreover, parents responsibility toward their children
early education can be taken lightly with the application existence where their
children can receive alphabet knowledge and deepen it by going through the
application fully.

For this project assignment, we have decided to
choose Android Application as our platform. The challenge we are trying to
overcome is to create and display 3D images for every object that user find
correctly. Developing an Android application requires a lot of time and need a
tremendous amount of knowledge of the developing tool. For people who do not
have patience or interest in developing application, they normally will quit
halfway through and let other people create the solution for a certain problem.
Besides, there are also a lot of competition in the market with similar
solution. Although this is our first time developing an Android Application, we
will try our best to make a good application for solving the problem. The goal
of this project is to create an education app which able to help children to
gain knowledge


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